The Sonny Bonds Duo

Sonny Bonds Duo

What an epic week! We’ve just finished up recording The Sonny Bonds Duo, a two piece blues infused raucous outfit that describe themselves as, “…a dirtier White Stripes that can’t play or sing but manage to get by on a diet of cheap beer and even cheaper hookers.”

What really sets these guys apart is their sound, created by a unique playing style and the use of an interesting array of home made guitars. We’ve never seen or heard anything like it! Who’d have thought you could make that big a sound from a cigar box!?

B and Jim worked with us at Kings Road to record the band’s first offering, a three track tour de force that sounds like if Nirvana were to write Black Keys records. Thunderous rhythms and riffs aplenty set to blast through your speakers, grab you by the back of the mullet and pull you in!

The band are gearing up for a string of live shows with the next being at Fuel, Cardiff on Wednesday July 6th. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updates on more gigs throughout the summer.

Get a flavour for what The Sonny Bond Duo are all about by listening to One More Last Time, a track taken from their session at Kings Road.

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