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Kings Road Studio is situated in the heart of Cardiff, Wales. This purpose-built recording studio was designed and built by studio owner/recording engineer Andrew Sanders.

At Kings Road Studio we pride ourselves in capturing your best performance with the warmth of analogue outboard recording equipment, combined with the best in modern digital technology. Our aim is simple; to make your recording experience enjoyable and comfortable with a no-compromise attitude towards quality.

If you’re looking for a recording studio in Cardiff please contact us to discuss your project.

Digging for sounds... Spent the day shoo


Recording is at the very heart of what we do. Whether your recording project is a single, an EP or a full length album, we’re here to help you sculpt your sound.

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Combining the hands-on  tactile musicality of analogue outboard with the ease and speed of modern plug-ins, Kings Road Studio will bring your music to life.


Any enquiry via our website, email or by telephone will be provisionally booked for up to 7 days. Within that time the client must provide a deposit of 25% of the total booking.

Once we have received payment the booking will be confirmed via email.

If we do not receive a deposit within 7 days we reserve the right to make the date(s) available to other customers.

Should you need to change to your booking, we would require two weeks notice for any changes to bookings.

Deposits are non refundable.


Unless otherwise agreed, the final balance must be paid in full by cash or bank transfer at the end of the session.


Bookings over 7 days will require a staggered payment schedule.


Recordings shall remain the property of Kings Road Studio until the full balance is paid.


We will not release any audio recordings or project files to you until the final balance has been received, however mp3’s will be released for your assessment.


We always try to arrange at least one meeting in person with all clients before undertaking a recording or mixing project. 


We’ll use this time to gain an understanding of the kind of music you are creating and what you want to achieve with your project. To help us accomplish this we find it useful if you can provide us with reference material; examples of music that inspires you.


We’ll talk you through the process and devise a plan that best suits you and your project needs. During the consultation we will confirm dates, times and pricing for your project, if not already done so.


We are also on hand to help you arrange any session musicians for your project, if necessary.


The term project files refers to the set of unprocessed, multi-track files (in .aif format) relating to a recording. Unless specifically requested, the quote for your session will not include the project files.


If you wish to obtain project files of your work you must provide an external hard drive of adequate space. This must be agreed upon before the start of the session. 


We will archive all project files when your session is complete. These files can be reloaded from that archive at any point in the future, although we cannot guarantee the integrity of that archive.


For prices or to arrange a consultation to discuss your recording and mixing project, please get in touch with studio manager, Sanders using the contact form on this page. 

Thanks for your message, we'll be in touch soon!

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